What is like to be a Rimuteer?

Pre-defined Communities
Standard Conditions
Matches & Engagement
Delivery Support

Standard conditions for Rimuteers

Join based on value and not a race to the bottom.

Our communities are organized by level & expertise not by diplomas with rates that help you accomplish your dreams.

We believe that transparecy generates trust and trust bring better results.

Engagement at the core

Work with people that value what you do.

We reward Rimuteers with points depending on the delivery hours completed succesfully & the milestones achieved.

We believe true engagement comes when all parties gets a share of the successes.

Vetted companies & remote work

Get relevant matches considering the communities that you are a part of.

We have designed a standard process where companies must choose communities & Rimuteer types and be very specific about their expectations and the projects they want a Rimuteer to be a part of.

We are convinced in the power of communities being people centric.

Join the communities that you want opportunities on

Stop wasting time with job offers that are not aligned with your expectations.

On Rimutee you will find pre-defined communities with pre-vetted access that let you share experiences & knowledge with peers.

We belive true mastery needs -experience, focus & sharing.

Digital mindset & delivery support

Digital at the core to improve your experience

From the beginning we value digital experiences and are there to support the delivery of your different assignments with customers.

We are convinced that going digital reduces friction & speed up processes and delivery.

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