The aspiration for a new job offer can occur for different reasons, have a job crisis or simply for motivation of professional or economic growth, but for each of these reasons you should proceed in the same way, design a resume CV and prepare for all the interviews and tests that are to come, so we have brought for you 10 keys you need to know before designing your CV for developers.


Although the demand for programmers had been growing, the pandemic has helped to accelerate these growth rates even more, at a time when the world has been forced to become virtual. An example of this is that, in Argentina, according to data from the Chamber of Software and Computer Services Companies (Cessi), by mid-2020 in this country the technology industry recorded a 2.3% higher employment demand than in 2019, and programmers’ salaries were 40% above the market average. In the rest of the world, something similar happens: in the United States, less than 2% of people looking for jobs in systems do not manage to get them.

The demand is really high and companies are struggling, offering excellent conditions and salaries to keep the best programmers, but how can they easily find these talents? They have 2 opportunities, hire a great in-house HR team or hire a company like Rimutee that always offers the best talent at highly competitive rates in the international market.

Programmers’ salaries were 40% above the market average

What companies evaluate to choose you.

CV for Developers

But, you may ask, what do these recruiters take into account when choosing their talents? Well, the first thing is, of course, what we get from you in the first place, your CV. The CV for developers is not just any document that gives a little bit of information about who you are and what you have worked on, in fact, for Rimutee, the presentation of your CV demonstrates the desire you have to get a job (and believe us, we have even received CVs in Excel tables and with a lot of incredibly obvious spelling mistakes).

So, if your desire is to get the best jobs, participate in the best projects and have a great salary, becoming internationally competitive, you can’t risk someone else being chosen because of the presentation of your CV.

what you should keep in mind

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Our goal is to help you improve your CV as a developer and make you look like a much more valuable professional. How can you do it? Consider the following 10 tips you should know before designing your CV for programmers:

10. Structure. When a recruiter comes to see your CV as a programmer, it is essential that they can easily find the most relevant information.

CV example
CV example

9. Have good spelling. Imagine you are eating a pizza and you find a horrible fly on the piece you were going to eat. Poor spelling is like the fly on the food and says a lot about the effort you have put into the design of your resume.

8. Always, read it and memorize it well, ALWAYS put your contact information on your CV. And although it may seem incredible to some, we have come across programmers’ CVs that do not have this information, which complicates the recruiters’ job of finding the right person to get in touch with you.

7. Be specific and detailed. A CV for programmers should be no longer than 2 pages. For human resources personnel, who are constantly looking for a large number of personnel, it is much easier when you are concrete. Reading 4 or 5 pages of your CV means that you have more information there than you should have.

6. This point is totally connected with the previous one. Be clear about the experience you have had, the most important thing about it is, even more than the company you have worked for: programming languages, frameworks, development IDEs, project management tools, and even design patterns. Be concrete, tell us where you worked, for how long, and what things you gained experience in.

5. Your country of residence. With Rimutee you can work from anywhere in the world, keeping your working hours in accordance with the working hours of the company you want to work with, but you must always make clear, even above your country of birth, the place where you currently reside.

4. Some information is not necessary to put in a CV for programmers: Age is no longer conditional in this field to make hiring, the most important thing will continue to be your experience and mastery of the tools. In addition to the age, other data that are not necessary are: Marital status or exact address of residence, and even, something that might surprise you is that your photo is not necessary for the CV. Although we have been used to this form, many countries such as England have a rule in which they require companies not to request CVs with photographs, as this could vitiate the decision on which professional to choose, only by their physical appearance.

3. Add a plus. A good design, elaborated by a graphic designer can make a difference in the presentation of a CV for programmers. An example of a good design is to integrate your skills with progress bars, sometimes you can replace the words with something graphic, that will help you to make your CV more entertaining, instead of putting an Advanced, medium or beginner level, with a bar that you show filled to 80%, 60% or 40% you can be more precise about your expertise.

2. Visible from any device and lightweight. Now, for many professions, it is not necessary to be sitting in front of a computer to carry out their tasks effectively, this is the reality of human resources personnel, who may even receive referrals for a job through WhatsApp and it will be much easier for them to take you into account if they can read all the information without having to go to their computer.

But this task can become even more complicated if a CV for programmers has an excessively high weight that does not allow it to be viewed quickly or does not even allow it to be sent and downloaded.

1. Master the English language and certify it. Always, knowing this second language well will make you stand out from other professionals with the same experience as you and who do not master it. On the other hand, it will always be more valuable for companies to have bilingual professionals, not to mention in case you want to work for companies of other nationalities that speak other languages than Spanish, as many of Rimutee’s clients do. Working with our clients you will find great multiculturalism that will help you grow professionally, improve your language skills and build good relationships.

Be precise, add there your language certification, B2 or C1, in such a way that it is truthful and credible, as many applicants tend to inflate their language skills and if a company is looking for bilingual staff you could lengthen a whole selection process.

Keep in mind these 10 keys if your goal is to find a better job where you can have personal and professional growth and a salary with which you can achieve many more freedoms.

Oh, by the way, we want to give you a bonus that will help you highlight your CV as a programmer:

Always align your CV with your social networks and especially in those where you can find job opportunities such as Linkedin, since there you will find many of the companies that are looking for talent like you and before writing you, they will review the information you have consigned there.

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