Where are the Rimuteers located?

We focused on LATAM talent and are a 100% remote friendly company. Initially we are focusing on Colombia territory due to strategic location and pool of talent but are expanding to other LATAM countries to have a broader scope.

What type of talent can I find on Rimutee?

In Rimutee we are organized in communities of fields related to technology (Frontend development, backend development, middleware, data, QA, and growing.) In these communities we have defined 3 expertise levels: Master, Advanced and Intermediate so you can have plenty of options to choose from.

How do you match with the right Rimuteer?

We have internal systems that connect you with the most appropriate Rimuteer from the community you choose, based on a combination of your requirements and Rimuteers skill sets and availability.  Additionally, we have an internal policy that our Rimuteers can only apply for opportunities that really interest them and are confident they can deliver with...

Do I have to pay in order to submit a requirement on Rimutee?

No, submitting a requirement or intention to be matched with a Rimuteer is absolutely free and there’s zero obligation to hire a Rimuteer.

Can I choose between Rimuteers?

Yes, we match your needs with the ideal Rimuteers and send you the options to choose from. It is up to you the final decision who to work with.

How much does it cost to hire a Rimuteer?

Each community and expertise level gets a standard range of rates because we care about clarity, equality & transparency. If you want to know more about our rates feel free to contact us.

Which programming languages & tools does a Rimuteer know?

In Rimutee we currently have the following communities and each community handles different programming languages & technologies: Frontend Community: Angular, React, and others. Backend Community: Java, C#, NodeJS, and others. Data Community: SQL Databases, NoSQL repositories, Data Integration (ETLs), and others. Middleware Community: DevOps, Cloud Engineers, SREs, ESBs, BPMs, and others. QA Community: Functional, Automation,...

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