Can I decline the remote work matches that Rimutee will be sending me?

Yes, you are totally free to either accept or decline the opportunities that we send you. We believe that nothing good comes from obligation and believe in intrinsic motivation.

If I join Rimutee do I earn money instantly?

No, when you are accepted in one or more of the communities you become available to be matched with potential opportunities. Earning comes from matches and hours delivered successfully.

What if what I do is not aligned to join a Rimutee community?

We like to hear what our Rimuteers are asking for so if your field is related to technology but outside the communities write to us at and tell us more about you. If enough people are interested in opening a new community we will make it a reality.

Can I choose the remote work opportunities?

Yes, you can browse freely the jobs section on our platform or check the public job listing and apply in those you are interested in and see a potential beneficial match.

Do I have to pay to join Rimutee?

No, joining our communities is 100% free. All of our vetting process is up to us and your investment is the time dedicated to the process.

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