Focus on pre-defined communities exclusively

Stop wasting time with confusing CVs & companies promising to master all.

On Rimutee you will find pre-defined communities with pre-vetted rimuteers focused on specific technologies.

We believe that true mastery needs experience & focus.

Standard conditions for you & the Rimuteers

Hire based on value and not a race to the bottom.

Our communities have average rates by level & technologies that help you get the best Rimuteers & to have clarity upfront.

We believe that transparency generates trust and trust brings better results.

Quality and satisfaction at the core

Work with people that value time & results.

We reward our Rimuteers based on work done succesfully and the satisfaction they bring to customers. Also we provide support when things are not working with your Rimuteer to resolve issues, get a match with another Rimuteer.

We are convinced that quality is not an afterthought and needs to be valued by all parties.

Pre-vetted Rimuteers makes all the difference

Get matches quickly focusing on communities and not job descriptions.

We have designed a vetting process for developers in mind where we evaluate the autonomy, communication and technical skills to qualify as a Rimuteer so you wont spend time filtering unqualified people.

We are convinced that communities and proactive recruitment are key to stay on top of the game.

High quality LATAM talent

Find great talent closer & more convenient to you.

LATAM developers characterizes as being recursive (doing more with less), being fast learners (always curious about new things), being passionate about technology (working with the same passion they live) and being flexible (always open to new challenges).

We are convinced that opportunities should have no borders & that companies could save money without compromising on quality.

Some companies

hiring Rimuteers

Are you ready to try

your first Rimuteer?

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