Want to become a Rimuteer?

We delineate 5 steps to begin getting remote opportunities.



We set the table with the options ready for you.

• Select communities that you want to join & technology groups.
• Apply by levels: Master, Advanced & Intermediate.
• Only takes a couple of steps.

Rimuteer Type

Rimuteer Type

We let you decide based on your dreams & expectations.

• Select if you want to be a FR (Full Freelance Rimuteer), PTR (Part-time Rimuteer), or SR (Steady Rimuteer).
• Details about your restrictions & expectations.
• Minimum information required.



We meet you to determine if you have the Rimuteer material & mindset.

• Online interactions.
• Not your standard DISC tests or standard interviews.
• Technical assessments by level.



Being a Rimuteer is not just joining a community.

• We give you an onboarding course with the Rimuteer way of life.
• Trial period & explanations.
• Support channels & platforms.

Match & Delivery

Match & Delivery

We inform you about relevant remote opportunities.

• We recommend based on affinity.
• You decide which opportunities to take.
• When accepted we help you to gain points based on succesful delivered hours.

World class communities​

We are on a journey to scale a platform for remote developers in LATAM, raising the bar to access opportunities according to the interest & expertise of developers themselves.

If you are a developer and feel you are ready to work for remote companies then we want to hear from you.

Master, Advanced and Intermediate levels to choose from.

Middleware Community

For those experienced integrating and automating processes and want to contribute to customers orchestrating complex stuff.

Frontend Community

For those experienced developing web or mobile applications and want to contribute to customers bringing to life amazing UIs.

Data Community

For those experienced organizing and making sense of the data and want to contribute to customers getting the data right.

Backend Community

For those experienced developing services and business logic and want to contribute to customers getting the bases right.