How it all began...

Rimutee was born out of conversations about frustrations and problems
that needed a solution on remote work.

Rimutee is here to solve them.

Techies are not seen as the main character even when we are in a digital era

We feel bad for job opportunities that are not clear for tech people and know firsthand the frustration when recruiters all sound the same.

Companies are not accessing the possibilities & flexibility of remote talent

We feel the frustration of companies trying to compete with their hands tied up. We believe that companies need to find different types of talent on demand to extend their internal teams and find them where it is more convenient.

Companies and techies & digital talent are not accessing

the benefits of remote and on demand trends

We have identified different problems & frustrations of both techies & digital talent and companies regarding remote work.

Problem 1.
Lack of Trust

Have you tried to find remote opportunities as a developer and digital talent in different countries but just don't know where to start?

And as a company have you tried freelancing sites or nearshore companies that just don’t deliver as expected and are more and more confusing?

Problem 2.
Lack of Clarity

Have you tried as a developer to understand a cryptic job opportunity or a post where the company does not clarify why they ask for 10 technologies at the same time?

And as a company have you tried to find developers in Linkedin or through CVs but get frustrated and more confused about what to look for?

Problem 3.
Lack of Freedom

Have you thought as a developer that you could gain more if you could access remote opportunities but don't feel the freedom to do it in your own terms?
Or as a company have you considered working with nearshore developers but sometimes feel stuck with plain bureaucracy or slow processes?