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Rimutee is the platform to go when thinking of remote LATAM software developers, tech & digital talent. We match companies with Rimuteers from our vetted communities.

Types of Rimuteers

Short-term, recurring and flexible remote work modalities that Rimuteers can choose from, to work remotely for companies on their own terms.

Rimuteers 100% on demand for short engagements (less than 6 months) and oriented to results with availability to be agreed upon.

Rimuteers 100% on demand for short term engagements (less than 6 months) with less than 40 hours available per week.

Rimuteers for recurring long term engagements (more than 6 months) with 40 hours available per week.

World class communities​

We are on a journey to scale a platform for remote tech & digital talent in LATAM, raising the bar to access opportunities according to the interest & expertise of Rimuteers themselves.

If you are a developer or have a related technological & digital role and feel you are ready to work for remote companies then we want to hear from you.

We have Master, Advanced and Intermediate levels to choose from.

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For Companies

In Rimutee we currently have the following communities and each community handles different programming languages & technologies:

  • Frontend Community: Angular, React and others.
  • Backend Community: Java, C#, NodeJS and others.
  • Data Community: SQL Databases, NoSQL repositories, Data Integration (ETLs) and others.
  • Middleware Community: ESBs, API Gateways, BPMs and others.
  • QA Community: Functional, Automation and Performance tools & technologies.

If you want to know more about our skills and tools feel free to contact us.

Each community and expertise level gets a standard range of rates because we care about clarity, equality & transparency. If you want to know more about our rates feel free to contact us.

Yes, we match your needs with the ideal Rimuteers and send you the options to choose from. It is up to you the final decision who to work with.

No, submitting a requirement or intention to be matched with a Rimuteer is absolutely free and there’s zero obligation to hire a Rimuteer.

In Rimutee we are organized in communities of fields related to technology (Frontend development, backend development, middleware, data, QA, and growing.) In these communities we have defined 3 expertise levels: Master, Advanced and Intermediate so you can have plenty of options to choose from.

We have internal systems that connect you with the most appropriate Rimuteer from the community you choose, based on a combination of your requirements and Rimuteers skill sets and availability. 

Additionally, we have an internal policy that our Rimuteers can only apply for opportunities that really interest them and are confident they can deliver with top quality.

We focused on LATAM talent and are a 100% remote friendly company. Initially we are focusing on Colombia territory due to strategic location and pool of talent but are expanding to other LATAM countries to have a broader scope.

For Rimuteers

No, joining our communities is 100% free.
All of our vetting process is up to us and your investment is the time dedicated to the process.

Pending content.

We like to hear what our Rimuteers are asking for so if your field is related to technology but outside the communities write to us at and tell us more about you. If enough people are interested in opening a new community we will make it a reality.

No, when you are accepted in one or more of the communities you become available to be matched with potential opportunities. Earning comes from matches and hours delivered successfully.

Yes, you are totally free to either accept or decline the opportunities that we send you. We believe that nothing good comes from obligation and believe in intrinsic motivation.


If you have more questions feel free to contact us or write us an email at

Founded as an startup
with the experience of an scaleup

Rimutee is backed up by two LATAM software companies
with presence in several countries and an experience of more than 20 years each.