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Remote by design

Why work with Rimutee?

Rimutee lets you meet great candidates in a fraction of the time

Less Time_

_ With our Rimutee platform we can reduce the time to get matches by using custom suggestion algorithms and a specialized internal profile database.

Above Average Quality_

_ Our quality comes from vetting processes & scope (we are focused on predefined communities of TLs, Senior and Mid roles, no less than 4 years of expertise).


_ We strive to make the process simpler, clearer & trustful for companies & rimuteers alike using technology.

Developers centric

How it works for companies?

In Rimutee developers are the main characters, so we strive to match them with cool remote jobs based on their interests & skills

Ideal Candidates_

_ Tell us the skills you require by chatting/meeting with our talent team or on the Rimutee platform (soon).

_ We identify your request with a pre-defined community.

_ Our platform and team suggest possible matches based on several variables.

Focused Matching_

_ No stacks of resumes to review – just a shortlist of great matches.

_ In a few days or so you can meet the ones you like the best.

_ Matches are based on value and not a race to the bottom (We are not the cheapest option because our pool is above average).

Smooth Delivery_

_ You can sign your developer on a flexible monthly basis, or hire them as an internal collaborator.

_ Support from our side.

_ Guarantees included.

Specialized stack centered around Web, Data & DevOps

Which technologies is Rimutee oriented to?

We created communities around our own expertise and to be more relevant when suggesting matches and searching

Round purple logo with the FE Initials for Frontend Rimutee community


For those experienced in developing web applications bringing to life amazing UIs.


Round orange logo with the BE Initials for Backend Rimutee community


For those experienced in developing services and business logic to help companies get their bases right.


Round green logo with the DT Initials for Data Rimutee community


For those experienced with data science to help companies become more data-centric.


Round green logo with the MB Initials for Mobile Rimutee community


For those experienced in creating mobile apps who want to create amazing mobile experiences for users & companies.


Round blue logo with the Mw Initials for Middleware/DevOps Rimutee community


For those experienced with process automation, integration, and DevOps who want to help companies to orchestrate complex stuff.


Round blue logo with the QA Initials for Testing Rimutee community


For those experienced in testing using functional, automated, or performance tests helping companies to get the best quality.


Vetted talent

Reach a network of pre-vetted remote talent_

You can work with an assigned Rimuteer (Rimutee on Demand) or hire directly (Rimutee Hunting) from a pool of +5000 vetted developers from LATAM

Rimutee OnDemand_

_ Matched by us according to your needs and the dev preferences.

_ Dev is already a Rimuteer or from one of our communities (hired by us).

_ Support available throughout the engagement.

_ Monthly retainers starting on average at $6.000 USD.

Rimutee Hunting_

_ Vetted candidates.

_ Dev is hired directly by you.

_ Pay 1x – 1.5x of Monthly salary when you hire.

Trusted by_

Remote all the way

Hire your perfect fit

Contact us and request your ideal candidate. Soon you’ll be able to do it inside the Rimutee Platform

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