Founded as a startup but with an experience of a scaleup_

Rimutee is backed by two LATAM software companies with +20 years of experience each

Remote work on developers terms






Remote by design

Why Rimutee was born?

Rimutee was born to make remote work more accessible, trustful & convenient for developers & companies alike

Developers should be scouted not recruited_

_ Developers are key in the digital age but keep being subjected to tedious recruitment phases & poor candidate & employee experiences.

Companies should be guided not confused_

_ Today’s digital noise hasn’t solved the complications & slowness to find remote developers. We should match based on the project/industry/skills not on who has the profile with more buzzwords.

Developers mindset

What is Rimutee purpose?

In Rimutee we strive to help LATAM developers get access to global opportunities that takes them to another level.



_ By helping Rimuteers access global opportunities based on what they know and what they want.


Digital Intelligence_

_ By changing the way companies and Rimuteers are matched & engaged using tech to streamline processes.


Remote Oriented_

_ By making the process of working remotely simpler, clearer & trustful for companies & Rimuteers alike.

Multicultural Team

Who is behind Rimutee?

Behind Rimutee there is a team from different places with backgrounds in computer programming and the tech industry in general


Ernesto Kruger

Advisor & Board (Kruger)

Miguel Jimenez

Advisor & Board (Exsis)

Core Team

Juan Monroy

Cofounder & CEO

Profile Talent Lead Milagros

Milagros Caucas

Talent Lead

Santiago Giraldo

Marketing Lead

From Devs to Devs

Work Remotely, Join Rimutee

Let’s treat developers as should be

Remote work in USD, a few clicks away

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