Why should I join Rimutee as a developer?

With Rimutee the benefits grow over time. The more we earn, the more you earn as well

We believe benefits should be algorithmical not discretional






Remote by design

Why Rimutee for a developer?

Because we make finding remote work with USA projects more convenient & less painful. After all, we are also developers like you


Digital & Premium_

_ Friendlier treatment & better feedback.

_ Above the market conditions with USD payments.

_ Tech-oriented digital platforms.



_ Remote-oriented benefits.

_ Multicultural teams.

_ Friendly remote policies.



_ Benefits grow over time.

_ Opt out from the platform anytime.

_ Focus on a better match not a transaction-forced approach over one job in particular.

Algorithmical mindset

What are Rimucoins and why should I care?

Rimucoins is our loyalty program to offer exciting rewards for our developers


_ Loyalty for Developers but not crypto (maybe in the future).

_ 2 Types: Fixed (by categories, e.g. Med, Net, Fun, etc.) & milestone (by special occasions or hours worked, e.g. 1000, 2000 hours, etc.).

_ Access to your Rimucoins via Rimutee Platform.


_ Exchanged to USD (1 Rimucoin = 1 USD).

_ Can be saved on our platform for later.

_ Redeem for time off or physical goods (coming soon).


_ More algorithmical rules.

_ More methods of exchange.

_ Mobile friendly.

But, how a Rimucoins program looks like?

Fixed Rimucoins

_ Med Monthly Bonus

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ Net Monthly Bonus

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ Fun Monthly Bonus

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ Birthday Bonus

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ EoY Bonus

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ 1000 Hours

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ 2000 Hours

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ 3000 Hours

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ 4000 Hours

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

_ and so on

Yellow icon of the Rimucoin

Dev friendly

What is like to work with Rimutee?

We strive for transparency so what better way to learn what is like to work @ Rimutee than some actual experiences

Developers wellbeing is very important to us

We win, you too

When working with Rimutee you can trust that benefits will be greater at the passage of time and not arbitrarily but because of increasing rules & algorithms build into the platform

Remote work in USD, a few clicks away

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