How Rimutee works for developers?

Rimutee helps you save time & effort by centralizing on a modern platform vetted remote jobs with payment in USD

Work remotely on projects with international companies on your terms






Developer mindset

How is finding a remote job with Rimutee?

In Rimutee developers are the main characters, so we strive to match them with cool remote jobs with less hassle


Painless Screening_

_ Focus on what is important.

_ Our initial screening process is quick & you schedule to know us @ your own time.

_ We listen to what you are looking for and pitch relevant jobs.

_ You can always apply to communities or a job interesting to you directly on the platform.


Transparent Matching_

_ Salary ranges published/commented from the beginning.

_ Feedback throughout the process.

_ 3 general steps for USA-related jobs: English interview, technical
interview/assessment, and final project interview.


Supportive Delivery_

_ You can be hired by us (Rimutee OnDemand) or directly by the client (Rimutee Hunting).

_ Continous communication during the engagement.

_ Access to extended features on the Rimutee Platform & other Digital platforms.

We strive towards stack specialization. More Senior roles than Entry ones

Which technologies is Rimutee oriented to?

We created communities around our own expertise and to be more relevant when suggesting matches

Round purple logo with the FE Initials for Frontend Rimutee community


For those experienced in developing web applications bringing to life amazing UIs.


Round orange logo with the BE Initials for Backend Rimutee community


For those experienced in developing services and business logic to help companies get their bases right.


Round green logo with the DT Initials for Data Rimutee community


For those experienced with data engineering, data science & data visualization to help companies orient themselves better to a  data-centric future.


Round green logo with the MB Initials for Mobile Rimutee community


For those experienced in creating mobile apps who want to create amazing mobile experiences for users & companies.


Round blue logo with the Mw Initials for Middleware/DevOps Rimutee community


For those experienced with process automation, integration, and DevOps who want to help companies to orchestrate complex stuff.


Round blue logo with the QA Initials for Testing Rimutee community


For those experienced in testing using functional, automated, or performance tests helping companies to get the best quality.


Simple Profile Creation. Almost no mandatory info

What can I do on the Rimutee platform?

In the platform you can apply to join communities, apply to remote jobs & keep updated of statuses and new content

Create a remote-ID_

_ Just relevant info.

_ Not a transcript of a CV.

_ Few mandatory fields.

_ Rate, job interests, skills & availability.

Apply to communities & jobs_

_ Apply to communities to get relevant suggestions.

_ Schedule to know us @ your own time.

_ Find remote jobs relevant to you.

_ Apply knowing the job context & skills that are looked for.

Get updates & get hired_

_ Updates on “Application” section.

_ Access relevant content.

_ Updates to your profile if required.

_ Once chosen the status “Selected” will appear.

Deliver your magic_

_ Hiring and onboarding process are triggered.

_ Access to “Rimucoins” section.

_ Access to “Service Orders” section.

_ Additional features.

Developer engagement is our focus

Work Flexibly and Earn More

Create your remote-ID profile, apply to communities, and get scheduled for a quick screening with our team. Then we’ll match you with potential opportunities or you can apply at your own time & considering your interests

Remote work in USD, a few clicks away

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